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Why advertise with Red Latina?

A governmental study reveals the striking impact of ethnic media in the United States. Forty-five percent of all Hispanic adults prefer ethnic television, radio or newspapers to their mainstream counterparts.

These ”primary consumers” also indicated that they access ethnic media frequently. This means that a staggering 29 million adults (45 percent of the 64 million ethnic adults studied), or a full 13 percent of the entire adult population of the United States, prefer ethnic media to mainstream television, radio or newspapers. More than half of all Hispanic adults are primary consumers of ethnic media.

The Spanish-language media is almost universal in Hispanic America. Eighty-seven percent of all Hispanic adults access Spanish-language television, radio or newspapers on a regular basis. The success of the major television networks as also newspaper, magazines and radio, is well documented but this study also indicates that Spanish-language radio and newspapers are rapidly increasing their penetration in this market.

Our mission is to create an effective platform promoting dialogue, entrepreneurship and collaboration among ethnic media in the United States for the purpose of delivering a more powerful message throughout the immigrant masses. We are utilizing present day technology and tools for communication in order to best serve different ethnic communities and their specific needs. We are aiming to improve an otherwise poor inter-ethnic exchange of communication. We believe the current environment does very little to unite different communities and their media outlets in the name of noble common goals.

In the USA more than a quarter (29 percent) of Hispanic adults report that they now prefer Spanish-language newspapers to their English-language counterparts. There are only small variations in the media usage of the Hispanic groups studied but the poll indicates that Cubans watch Spanish-language television and listen to Spanish-language radio more often than the other Hispanic groups studied, while a higher percentage of South Americans read Spanish-language newspapers.

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