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  ST. LOUIS. MARCH 9. The Hispanic Leaders Group of Greater St. Louis (HLG), a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation, promote and advance the education...

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The new changes for Red Latina are developing at a very crucial moment in the history of our country. The new president opened up...

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  (ST. LOUIS - Mo.) The face of America is transforming and the workplace is becoming more diverse than ever before. This is due to...

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By Cecilia Velazquez You are very well known and appreciated in our community. All of us recognize you by your charisma and enthusiasm in life,...

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By Shadia Habeych   When I first met with Betsy Cohen, Executive Director for the Mosaic Project, it was back in 2013. At the time, the...

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  By Isabel Díaz del Castillo On January 21, just one day after the inauguration Day of President Donald Trump, thousands of women marched around the...

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  BUT MORE LATINO ENTREPRENEURS ARE NEEDED By Isabel Díaz del Castillo For several years, technology has become an accelerator of economic growth in various regions around...

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Fighting for the education of our dreamers By Shadia Habeych Professor in Languages and Latin american Culture at Washington University in St Louis, Virginia has achieved...

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Helbert Dussan By Isabel Díaz del Castillo Through the hallways of the T-Rex building walks a very quiet, reserved and almost unnoticed Colombian scientist whose vast...

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  Dr. Mario Castro, New Treatments against Asthma By Shadia Habeych In 1965, the family of Dr. Mario Castro moved to Kansas City from communist Cuba to find new...
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