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Helbert Dussan By Isabel Díaz del Castillo Through the hallways of the T-Rex building walks a very quiet, reserved and almost unnoticed Colombian scientist whose vast...

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  Cancun, Mexico (efe_epa).- The United Nations Conference on Biodiversity began Sunday with a strong call to act now in order to meet 2020 goals...

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Aware of the changes happening in the world with the arrival of a new era and the awakening of a new spiritual and planetary...

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  Panama City, Nov 22 (EFE).- At least four people have died, another has gone missing, some 500 homes have been destroyed, classes have been...

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  Montevideo, Nov 18 (EFE).- Hundreds of Uruguayan children studying their final elementary and high school courses presented Friday their ideas for more sustainable schools...

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  Washington, D.C., 27 September 2016 (PAHO/WHO) – The Region of the Americas is the first in the world to have eliminated measles, a viral...

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  Washington (EFE) - Astronomers have discovered a planet even more exotic than Tatooine, from the "Star Wars" saga, with its two suns. This new extra-solar...

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TENERIFE (EFE). — Physicist Stephen Hawking warned on Wednesday that we must continue traveling to space to secure a future for humanity. Hawking said he...

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  TOKYO  (EFE_EPA). — Japanese technological giant Sony announced Wednesday it is working on developing a home robot, which can connect emotionally with people, and...

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  WASHINGTON (AP) -- Thirty-one of the country's top science organizations are telling Congress that global warming is a real problem and something needs to...
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