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ST. LOUIS. MARCH 27. Police responded to a call about an homicide in the 12000 block of Santa Maria Drive Saturday afternoon. Authorities found 56-year-old Larry...

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 ST. LOUIS. MARCH 23. Police informed that the man hit by a stray bullet at a MetroLink station in downtown St. Louis has died. 57-year-old...

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  TROY, MO. MARCH 22. A man broke into the wrong apartment in Troy, Mo. on Tuesday and was stabbed multiple times by the resident of...

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LONDON, MARCH 22.  Britain's Parliament was locked down Wednesday after an assailant stabbed one police officer before being shot and killed by another. Emergency personnel...

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MAYSVILLE, MO. MARCH 22. Thirty-nine-year-old Rodney Thomas, a northwest Missouri teacher, has been charged with sexual misconduct with 10 teenage students. He also has been suspended...

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  ST. LOUIS, MO. MARCH 21. Officers with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department patrolling north St. Louis pulled up a gun battle Monday night, police...

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ST. LOUIS, MO. MARCH 21. A 97-year-old St. Louis man is accusing Bank of America of cheating him out of more than $77,000 of his retirement money. Karlo...

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. March 20. – Keith Harris, 50,  was shot at an Aldi store in the 3600 block of Natural Bridge Avenue Saturday evening. Harris...

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ST. LOUIS, MO. March 20. A man standing on the MetroLink platform at Busch Stadium is in critical condition after being hit by a stray...

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GLEN CARBON, Ill. March 17. A body was found in a Highland lake hours after man was found dead in a house fire on Dogwood...
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