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Bogota, Feb 6 (efe_epa).- A strong magnitude-5.7 earthquake rocked most of Colombia's territory, including Bogota, on Monday, but no injuries or damage have been...

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  Santiago, Jan 30 (efe_epa).- More than 200 settlers had to be evacuated over the past few hours from Portezuelo municipality in the southern Chilean...

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Fighting for the education of our dreamers By Shadia Habeych Professor in Languages and Latin american Culture at Washington University in St Louis, Virginia has achieved...

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The Latino Entrepreneur who is not afraid of change By Shadia Habeych You can find Angel Jimenez at one of the most loved Mexican Restaurant in...

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  Sao Paulo, Brazil, Jan 17 (efe_epa).- Brazil has more than 50 drug dealers, who are as dangerous as the late Colombian drug baron Pablo...

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  Cancun, Mexico, Jan 16 - A shooting at an electronic music festival in the Mexican Caribbean tourist resort of Playa del Carmen left five...

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    Rio de Janeiro, Jan 1 (EFE).- A man opened fire at a New Year's Eve party early Sunday in the Brazilian city of Campinas,...

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Mexico (efe_epa).- The number of people killed Tuesday in several explosions at a fireworks market in the municipality of Tultepec has risen to 36,...

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  Lima  (EFE).- A magnitude-6.1 earthquake rocked Ucayali, a region in the Peruvian Amazon, on Sunday, but no injuries or damage have been reported, the...

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  Mexico City, Dec 12 (EFE).- Carrying large images of the dark-skinned Virgin Mary - "la virgen morena" - on their shoulders to the rhythm...
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