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LONDON, MARCH 22.  Britain's Parliament was locked down Wednesday after an assailant stabbed one police officer before being shot and killed by another. Emergency personnel...

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  Guatemala City, March 10. Death toll in a children's shelter fire in the Guatemalan capital rose to 35, while 19 continue to be hospitalized. According to...

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WASHINGTON, FEBRUARY 21. The Department of Homeland Security issued two memos signed by Secretary John Kelly, leaving intact two specific executive orders from President Barack Obama...

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 New Delhi. An Indian boy born with four legs and two penises is set to return home after a successful surgery. The baby born with four...

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  Santiago, Jan 30 (efe_epa).- More than 200 settlers had to be evacuated over the past few hours from Portezuelo municipality in the southern Chilean...

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  Sao Paulo, Brazil, Jan 17 (efe_epa).- Brazil has more than 50 drug dealers, who are as dangerous as the late Colombian drug baron Pablo...

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  Mexico City, Jan 5 (efe_epa).- Police have arrested 161 people for acts of vandalism during protests over rising fuel prices in the state of...

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  Mexico City, Jan 3 (EFE).- The protests over the hike in gasoline prices that took effect on New Year's Day are growing across Mexico,...

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Mexico (efe_epa).- The number of people killed Tuesday in several explosions at a fireworks market in the municipality of Tultepec has risen to 36,...

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  Lima  (EFE).- A magnitude-6.1 earthquake rocked Ucayali, a region in the Peruvian Amazon, on Sunday, but no injuries or damage have been reported, the...
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